About Blair School for Jewelers

Blair School for Jewelers is the brainchild of Bud Blair, a professional jeweler with over thirty years experience in the fine jewelry industry. Bud owns and operates Blair Jewelers, an independent retail and repair shop in South Carolina, and has serviced his customers and community for more than two decades in that capacity.

Bud is a certified goldsmith and has trained hundreds of professional jewelers across the country. Blair School for Jewelers is unique in the fact that the course takes place on the premises of a real working retail shop. You learn on the same equipment you would encounter in a professional setting. It's also worth noting that you will work with genuine silver and gold. These precious metals have their own working characteristics and the techniques Bud teaches are best learned in a real-world environment.

Blair School for Jewelers offers advanced training targeted to those already employed in the jewelry industry. Whether you're a budding apprentice, repair bench technician or shop owner, this course is guaranteed to boost your confidence, marketability and profitability in our highly competitive industry.

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